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At SSGroup we provide prudent and innovative business solutions and Management consulting services primarily in the areas of Information Management and Information Technology.

We get results!

e work for you. Our consultants work diligently to understand your needs, analyze your requirements and provide prudent solutions that address your critical business challenges. Throughout the consulting engagement we never lose focus of our most important success ingredient, which is Customer Needs…

Our Approach 
Our Approach


Often projects fail miserably because the end result is not what the customer wanted or expected. Ever heard that? Thus, at SSGroup it is our policy to spend as much time as it takes to listen to our clients’ ­–challenges, needs, limitations, resources or whatever they want to share with us about the project, not only at project commencement but throughout the engagement. 


Unlike other companies, our consultants just don’t jump to implementation but instead take the time to conduct an in-depth analysis of customer requirements and develop comprehensive scenarios depicting the “as-is” state and potential solution sets. 

During this process we consult industry sources, best practices and talk to project stakeholders – both internal and external to gain a better understanding of the task on hand. We relay our analysis back to the client for a reality check, which ensures we are all on the same wavelength! 


Backed by hard earned industry experience and reputation, our consultants provide thought leadership in designing relevant and targeted business strategies and/or solutions that address our client’s critical needs.

Our team hates working in vacuum and that’s why we work hand-in-hand with our client, often from their offices during the course of this phase. 


“One size fits all does not jive well with our business philosophy!”
Thus, at SSGroup we provide integrated business and technology solutions that are tailor-made to meet the needs of your organization. 


Our job does not end after implementation and nor do we vanish from the face of this earth after finishing a project! Our consultants make it a priority to maintain periodic contact with clients to offer assistance in addressing any post-project concerns, issues, questions but more often to hear accolades -  as we know we always do a perfect job!

Our Expertise

Let's just say upfront - we don't offer the complete spectrum of IM/IT services - whatever that means BUT we excel at the services that we provide, some of which are listed below: 

Service Transformation



·    Current state assessment and Requirements analysis 



·    Business case development



·    Strategy development and business planning



·    Organizational reviews



·    Business process reengineering (BPR)



·    Alternative service delivery assessment and implementation



e-Government / Online Service Delivery



·    Market research



·    Best practices



·    Business case development



·    Proof of concept/prototype



Program/Project Support



·    Project management



·    Stakeholders relationship management



·    Communication strategies



·    Risk management



·    Quality assurance


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